John Bishop

I call myself a communicator because communications is my business and my passion

  • working with a client to improve their communications (PR),
  • helping people to deliver their messages in the media (training)
  • speaking and writing about business and prosperity (speaking and journalism)
  • writing speeches and coaching others to deliver them
  • facilitating meetings or being an emcee at events

As a speaker I love stimulating others to think differently, which is why I can be provocative, against the tide, and critical of conventional thinking.

As a trainer I aim to transfer knowledge and instill confidence.

I am interested in a wide range of matters from issues governance and management to social policy, the media and PR industries, to economic development and solo and home businesses. It's what I write and talk about.

I love unpacking problems and finding ways forward, searching for solutions and being stimulated by the company and ideas of others, whether that in business and economics, politics and commercial life or at a personal level where attitudes, actions and expectations are so important. That's what I do as a facilitator and strategist.