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  • Recalling my father’s war April 13, 2018 Italy’s Allies lie side by side in their national groups, under the Abbey, Monte Cassino cemetery June 2014. Photo M K deLoree

    My father, born in 1911, battered by the depression and by war service, didn’t say much about either when I was growing up.

    Stuart Bishop, Cairo, late 1942 early 1943. Photo supplied by ...</li><li ><a href=Cooking Memories from My Childhood August 18, 2017

    One inescapable fact influenced every aspect of our domestic life when I was growing up. My father was diagnosed as a type one diabetic when I was four years old.

    According to the medical practices ...

  • Up Memory Lane December 11, 2013

    The cable car that runs from Wellington’s main shopping street of Lambton Quay to Kelburn, the hill above, is a beloved icon of the city. It is also an engineering feat of some magnitude, ...

  • End of road·for ‘urban myth’ August 7, 2013

    As billion-dollar plans to build Transmission Gully proceed, John Bishop looks at persistent stories that US Marines were willing to do the job for nothing.

    The idea that a northern highway through Transmission Gully could ...