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  • On the 1835 Declaration of Independence February 2, 2018

    With Waitangi Day on 6 February, some attention will focus on the status and relevance of the Treaty of Waitangi in modern times, and on whether it is the founding document of our country. ...

  • Tell voters the truth: a cautionary tale of politics in the Hutt Valley December 12, 2016

    Politics is in turmoil internationally – think Brexit and Trump. Voters are feeling ignored, downtrodden and powerless to do anything about their situation, and reluctant to act anyway.

    Party machines and political consultants tell candidates ...

  • Skillset needed to be a mayor September 20, 2016 Skillset needed to be a mayor

    What qualities and skills are needed to be a successful mayor in a city like Wellington? John Bishop talks to several former local-body politicians about what makes a successful mayor, and summarises in a ...

  • How you vote matters a lot in the mayoralty race August 3, 2016

    The STY voting system we use for local elections throws up a lot of questions. JOHN BISHOP

    outlines just some of the things to ponder before local-body voting begins next month.

    Voting papers for Wellington’s local ...

  • In decline November 6, 2014 In decline

    Generally the Wellington economy is performing below the national average.” That’s the verdict from Grow Wellington’s latest report on the regional economy. It reveals that Wellington is lagging behind in job growth, immigration and ...