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  • Changing with the times May 4, 2018 Changing with the times

    Why do things have to change all the time?” is seemingly one of the laments of the modern age. Many of us do it, often in moments of exasperation, when we find we can’t make ...

  • Do we have communications intelligence? December 19, 2017 Do we have communications intelligence

    You’ll have heard of IQ, and you’ll have heard of EQ. But what about CQ?

    IQ tests intelligence (although there is some debate about that). EO is a measure of the amount of emotional intelligence ...

  • Sweet tunes for Wellington’s waterfront September 5, 2013

    It started out as a bit of an off the wall idea last year: find a piano and place it on Wellington’s waterfront so that anyone who fancied knocking out a tune could do ...

  • You are judged by your quiet deeds May 17, 2009

    Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo and others are all the rage. And there are always bars and nightclubs where you can dress to impress, but young urban professionals wanting to get ...