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  • Sweet Success February 21, 2014

    A Levin licorice maker is paying for his staff to take holidays overseas. It’s part of his success story.

    Employees who’ve worked for Roger Halliwell’s company RJ’s Licorice for ten years are shouted an all ...

  • Amalgamation: forget it February 20, 2014

    Units of local government rarely agree to merge with each other. It does happen, but most mergers are forced upon councils.

    They are imposed from outside, in the case of Auckland by central government following ...

  • Yan again the key to Wade-Brown election win October 24, 2013

    Celia Wade-Brown’s victory in the mayoral race was not as substantial as first seemed. Using election-night figures, her lead over her nearest rival, John Morrison, was 2284 votes, but she had only 1142 votes ...

  • Why more people don’t vote October 17, 2013

    Getting people to vote in council elections has long been a problem. Last week’s elections showed it had not gone away.

    The case for taking an interest in elected bodies that tax every household and ...

  • Preferences decisive for mayoralty October 3, 2013 Preferences decisive for mayoralty

    No-one has been elected as mayor of Wellington with a simple majority of votes on the first count since elections were first held under the preferential voting system in 2004.

    Under the single transferable vote ...