Sharing knowledge and helping people to learn and grow is one of the great joys of the world. Lots of people have helped me, and shared their knowledge and experience with me. I like to do that too.

Most of the training I do is about some aspect of communications, often to do with being in the media. In media training I aim to develop competence (by transferring knowledge) and to instill confidence (by practice and building self belief). Because I have worked, and continue to work in both journalism and public relations I see both worlds and that helps immensely to keep the quality and the relevance of the training sessions high.

Other training services cover basic PR tools like developing a communications plan, or plans for media relations, internal communications, stakeholder relations, communications measurement and the like.

I also develop coursers to order and bring in the expertise of others to deliver a good product. That enables me to cover just about any aspect of communications - the Stakeholder, Consultation and Engagement workshop in October 2008 was a good example of that. Five other people with specific expertise presented.

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