National pledges high growth policy

Published in the National Business Review 8 April 2005

National has pushed the growth button in its campaign to regain the Treasury benches.

Finance Spokesman John Key has promised growth will be a top priority for an incoming National government.

"I won't be happy to baby-sit a monster surplus - unlike Dr Cullen who's watched while our infrastructure crumbles, while real after-tax wages have stagnated and personal debt levels have sky rocketed," he said

Secret war on the right sees ACT belt National

Published in the National Business Review of 11 March 2005

Has ACT secretly declared war on the National Party? ACT has consistently made criticisms and disparaging comments about National and its MPs, beginning late last year.

This week, Richard Prebble asked readers of his weekly newsletter The Letter, "Do you think National will have any policies by the election?", promising to send the result to National's caucus.

Business backs new Wellington move

Published in the National Business Review on 4 March 2005

Wellington's business leaders have endorsed the new economic direction for the region but want more work done on a range of issues from transport infrastructure and tourism to broadcast technologies and the commercialisation of research.

Australians target Asia with Upper Hutt Campus

Published in the National Business Review on 4 March 2005

A new educational venture aimed at Asian students has big plans at a time when the domestic tertiary sector is in turmoil and international market numbers have collapsed.

The New Zealand International Campus (NZIC), based in the former Central Institute of Technology complex at Trentham. Wellington, will offer Australian university qualifications to 2000 students from Asia in three years time.

Why is ACT trying to be the workers' friend?

Published in the National Business Review of 26 February 2005

Is ACT's latest positioning as the workers party really a credible strategy?

It hardly seems to have moved the party's poll rating, which hovers around the near death level of two to three percent.

Rodney Hide's state of the nation speech has not attracted the coverage or given it the traction it was seeking. Compared to Brash's Orewa One, or even Orewa Two, Hide's pitch for ACT to be the workers friend barely disturbed the waters in the political pond.

Officials warn Ministers on Productivity Growth

Published in the National Business Review of 18 February 2005

Officials writing the government's latest economic score card have given it a mixture of praise and not so subtle warnings that New Zealand's current good performance is not enough to get us back into the top half of the OECD.

Our labour productivity isn't good enough, and our growth rate, while currently ahead of the OECD average, is being propelled by higher rates of labour utilisation and is thus subject to the economic cycles.

Audit NZ shows the way

Published in the National Business review of 21 January 2005

Audit New Zealand has won the inaugural Talent Excellence Awards (TEX Awards), set up to recognize and encourage organisations to manage the talent of their staff.

The TEX Awards are the brainchild of Mark Kidd, Principal of Matrixone, a human resources consultancy specializing in talent management, and are supported by the National Business Review.

Hope's ideas in practice

Published in the Chartered Accountants Journal December 2004

The ideas propounded by international management guru Jeremy Hope with his clarion call to abandon the budget have attracted wide attention internationally but few takers in New Zealand - until now

Two completely different organisations are trying out the Hope techniques in search of better reporting, more flexible management and more meaningful signals to managers.

Kerr slams 'faddish' Treasury's poor advice

Published in the National Business Review of 17 December 2004

Treasury officials have been chided for their fascination with non-mainstream economics and for not providing full and frank advice to government Ministers.

The critical remarks come from the Business Roundtable's Roger Kerr, himself a former assistant secretary at the Treasury.

Engineers Pitch for Boardroom Power

Published in the National Business Review of 10 December 2004
Watch out - the engineers are coming and they want a seat at the board table.

Armed with "analytical approach to decision-making and logical problem solving" and with hardly a GANTT chart in sight, engineers will be stepping up to the board table, not to present their plans for a bridge, building or business process, but to take their seats with the accountants, lawyers, and professional managers already there.