Oh how I'd like to serve under Don Brash

Published in the NBR of 28 May
John Bishop

One thing all four contenders for the leadership of the ACT party agree on is that they would just love to serve under Don Brash in a Brash led government.

They also agree that having to sit at the same cabinet table with Winston Peters is unacceptable. At the Wellington candidates meeting, Peters was variously described as 'a flawed politician','unprincipled', 'unable to be a team player', and akin to a 'Shakespearian tragic hero'

Let's Get a Prosperity Culture

Published in the NBR of 28 May 2004
New Zealand is living in a misty complacency that our economic situation is improving and that "it's alright here".

The truth is that since 1951, and more particularly since 1973, New Zealand's standard of living relative to other countries has fallen consistently and continues to fall.

Energy Minister Pete Hodgson told a conference recently, "I was born 52 years ago in a country whose living standard was the third highest in the world. Now I live in a country that is 25th."

Are you a one person brand?

Published in the New Zealand herald 27 May 2004
If you are, are you doing all that you can to build value into that brand?

Of course you're working hard, providing good service and good value, and trying to grow the business.

But are you looking hard enough at you and how you present to the market? My advice based on ten years experience as a sole trader is that you are always your own brand.

The issue then is how well you manage, protect and promote yourself.

Growth Board's Report Comforts Ministers

Published in the NBR 21 May 2004
The government's Growth and Innovation Advisory Board has given Ministers the perfect cuddly blanket in which to wrap and pamper Kiwis.

You won't have to tell Kiwis they'll have to struggle to get growth, the GIAB report says. There'd be no point anyway. They wouldn't believe you and would reject you and the message.

Why the Lange/Douglas Rift Still Matters

Published in the NBR 7 May 2004
Did the Lange/Douglas alliance break down because neither could walk between the seventh and ninth floors of the Beehive to talk face to face?

This was the intriguing possibility dangled in front of the reunion bash of the major players in the Fourth Labour Government at Parliament last weekend.

Absent was the one person who might have answered the question posed by Roger Douglas about the 1986 break up time. "We should have talked to each other, but we didn't. If we had it might have been different."

Journalists and PR people; both often wanting

Ppublished in the National Business Review 30 April 2004

So the majority of PR's are hopeless according to journalists. Well many journalists are just as hopeless. Fortunately not all.

Far be it from me to defend the public relations industry, for I share many of the opinions voiced by the journalists in Jonathon Dodd's survey (NBR 23 April 2004).

Talking to the media: opportunity or risk?

(published in the New Zealand Herald 29 April 2004)
After speaking in public, talking to the media is one of people's greatest fears. Many otherwise well performing managers and professionals stumble and fail, but success is easier if you follow some simple rules.

The first and greatest mistake is to think that you have to talk to a reporter because one calls you for comment, or asks you to appear on a programme.

Flattered - perhaps. Obliged? No.

Ensuring outcomes-based policies are meaningful throughout the organisation's hierarchy

A paper for the 2nd Annual Developing, Managing & Measuring Outcomes-Based Policy in the Public Sector Conference
John Bishop
Social Commentator

31st March and 1st April 2004

The Case for Prosperity

Published in the National Business review of 23 Jan 2004

What are we prepared to sacrifice in order to get a higher standard of living in New Zealand? The depressing answer would seem to be: not much, if anything.
The pre New Year UMR poll showed a very high level of contentment with the ways things are. " New Zealanders are basking in the golden weather of national optimism, topping off a three year high in the country's mood", the Sunday StarTimes reported.

Prosperity: is this as good as it gets?

Article as published NBR 19 December 2003