Social welfare in New Zealand: Where from and where to? A commentary on the history, economics and morality of our social policy.

The issues this conference is considering - social welfare, health, living standards, generate a wide range of views, as these quotations illustrate

New Zealanders' life expectancy, education and living standards have slipped compared to other countries. (At 20th) compared with 19th last year, the ranking is the same as 1990, but seven places down from 1975.

United Nations 2003 Human Development Report in the Dominion Post 9 July

What is our responsibility for our welfare?

How much responsibility people should take for their own lives and well being will one of the defining political issues of the decade, a conference on social welfare policy * in Wellington heard today.

The Conference's opening speaker, social commentator, John Bishop, said that what the state could or should do for its citizens and what obligations and responsibilities this placed on citizens was an emerging theme in a number of public issues.

Ensuring outcomes-based policies are meaningful throughout the organisation's hierarchy

A paper for the 2nd Annual Developing, Managing &
Measuring Outcomes-Based Policy in the Public Sector Conference John
BishopSocial Commentator Wellington31st March and 1st April 2004

Ensuring any kind of policies mean something throughout the organisation is
always a challenge for senior management teams and particularly for Chief
Executives and their communications people.

Why New Zealand Needs More Prosperity

Two significant events about this day thirty years ago:

  • NZ Dollar revalued to 106 American cents.
  • New Zealand records a balance of payments surplus of $1 million for the year
    ending March 1973.

"Unfortunately that is the last time New Zealand paid its way in the world,
we have had 30 years of living beyond our earnings, and what the kiwi dollar
buys now is only a bit more than half of what it bought in 1973. That's the
measure of our decline as a nation relative to the rest of the world."