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  • From Petone to the world July 12, 2016

    A Petone factory that looks like an overcrowded garage houses world-leading technology which puts holes in exhaust pipes fitted to cars and motorbikes the world over.

    Sanpro Industries, a business owned by the Sanderson family, ...

  • Political power July 19, 2015

    The future of New Zealand’s energy supply is a key topic for voters. Political leaders on energy share their perspectives.

    Questions about security of supply in New Zealand’s energy sector, particularly electricity, aren’t new.

    Many consumers ...

  • Top class May 8, 2015

    The three finalists for the 2014 New Zealand Engineering Excellence “Young Engineer of the Year” Award share a passion for their work.

    Two of the three are intensely involved in seismic and earthquake matters: the ...

  • The party lines September 9, 2014

    New Zealand’s four main political parties generally agree that both energy efficiency and energy conservation are important. However, they vary in their enthusiasm for the various programmes run by government agencies to promote those ...

  • Spotlight on accreditation August 12, 2014

    Until a few weeks ago, even many professional people would never have heard of IANZ – International Accreditation New Zealand.

    However, IANZ, and its Chief Executive, Dr Llewellyn Richards, were thrust into the media spotlight ...